Social Awareness Ministry

The Social Awareness Ministry (SAM) seeks to heighten awareness and empower the MOBC body of Christ individually, corporately and communally by offering a framework for understanding and overcoming emerging societal issues that may potentially impact spiritual growth, civic, human or social rights, education, healthcare, and financial stewardship. Life as we knew it dramatically changed.  It’s becoming increasingly difficult to maintain currency with rules, regulations, standards, opportunities and processes for activities that used to be routine. Each quarter SAM will either host or identify an informational forum that provides resources or enrichment  to help our capacity  to manage life and develop healthy habits in various dimensions of our lives.  The ministry is open to all MOBC members.

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Housing seminar

A home is a physical space where we feel anchored and have a sense of identity and belonging. During our lifetime, it may be necessary to make changes or adjustments regarding our home due to life circumstances. Whether you’re a young adult, middle-ager, senior or elder, the “Home Is Where Your Story Begins” housing seminar promises to provide insightful information that addresses your current or future living situation.

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Bereavement Planning series

Planning for the end of life can be a sensitive and difficult topic. The MOBC Social Awareness Ministry hosted a virtual four-part Bereavement Seminar series that will help you prepare for the passing of a loved one as well as get your own affairs in order. Topics include: Homegoing and Funeral Planning; Financial and Legal Considerations; Counseling and Hospice; and Local, Regional, and Veteran’s Support.  The seminar videos and supporting documentation can be found below:

links to seminar files

Seminar One – Funeral & Homegoing Planning

Seminar Two – Legal & Financial Considerations

Seminar Three – Counseling & Grief Support

Seminar Four – Veteran and Active-Duty Supports