Committed Discipleship


Throughout his earthly ministry, Jesus Christ’s major emphasis was on discipleship. Jesus made sure that those who considered following him understood the true nature of discipleship. The instructions Jesus gave to the disciples of his day are equally valid for those of us who live in the twenty-first century.

When Jesus spoke of discipleship, he presented it as a challenge. First, to follow Jesus is an unmistakable call that requires immediate and complete obedience. Secondly, those who follow Christ will have to make God their first priority in life, because discipleship is a lifestyle. Lastly, to follow Christ is to follow him without distraction but with wholehearted commitment and single focus.

Jesus taught that true discipleship is like salt. Salt is good: but if the salt has lost its savor it is good for nothing but to be thrown away. Those who are disciples in name only and not in deed are like bitter powder that only looks like salt. Only genuinely committed disciples will accomplish God’s purpose by being the salt of the earth.

Christ is not desirous of people who are only halfhearted about discipleship. That kind of disciple is unable to have a penetrating effect on others. Discipleship is a matter of the heart, for it requires a heart that holds to Jesus Christ totally.

Every believer in the Mount Olive family is called to discipleship service. It is through us that God reaches out to the world. Therefore our need is to be laborers in the fields that are ready for harvest.